I met Tajinder Bagga in 2013 for the first time. Not a single day has passed since then, that he haven’t talked to me on an issue of national interest. Even on days when he was being dragged into false allegations by opposition parties, he didn’t care. The only thing he has in mind is Bharat. A patriot. A big fan of Narendra Modi.

Several attempts have been made to malign his image. Everyone is aware of the false cases that are going on. Latest, by a lady in Bangalore. Probably she is being used by the opposition party. A month ago, she attempted to do character assassination of Bagga on Twitter. She tried tooth and nail but failed. She tried to get support from other nationalists, but those who know Bagga have full faith in him.

Her latest weapon, the SC/ST attrocites option from the law book. It is so laughable. Till the time she filed a complaint, Bagga never knew that she belongs to SC or could be ST, we still do not bother to find it out. We never work like this. In fact, many of us don’t know castes of each other in the group. Why should castes matter in a national cause. We are united by a cause, and will continue to move forward like this.

A friend has summarized the story on Facebook,

Karantaka Police is out in Delhi to arrest my friend Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga for a Dalit-Atrocity case filed by a woman...

Posted by Mahajan Sonam on Friday, February 5, 2016

Thank you Dinesh Bhaiya for the encouraging words when it is most needed. Sure, these attempts will make us stronger.

Now coming to the law. SC/ST attrocities law has been so badly misused in politics that it has harmed the community more than helping them. False case make the community more prone to abuses. Well, many political parties have benefitted from this. The more we are divided, the more it will help them. The Colonial Britishers had been doing it, Congress is doing it since Independence.

It is time that we stand together, because united we stand, divided we fall. I stand with Tajinder Bagga.