Many times we all have seen that someone is doing something wrong. And we simply don’t understand why that someone is doing it that way. Even if you talk to him about his wrong doings he will not accept it. He thinks he is doing right.

Our company bus driver drives very rash. For him, there is no meaning of speed limits indicated on boards on the roadside. And he is always in hurry. He can’t wait much for people giving way to him on road. I don’t remember the bus horn silent for more than 20 seconds in a moderate traffic condition. He keeps pressing it without seeing that the person driving in front of him is also in hurry and he also has to reach somewhere as soon as possible. Our driver thinks that only he has to reach office and no one else.

One day after reaching office, when I was getting down, I asked the driver, “Kyon itna horn bajate ho bhai” (brother, why do you use so much horn). He smiled and innocently said, “Sir horn nahin bajaenge to koi side nahin dega” (Sir if I don’t blow horn then no one will give us way). And the next day also he was driving the same way again, no difference.

If we look at it closely, we’ll find that nothing is wrong with the driver. It is only the way how he perceive things as right and wrong. He grew up in such a surrounding where he was not told about what is right and what is wrong? So he sees things slightly differently. Similar to the drivers case another example would be the terrorists who are spread all over the world. They kill people and do not regret also. They see this as right because no one has taught them that it is wrong. In the terrorist camps young people are trained by changing there perception of right and wrong. They are brain washed. So that they don’t feel sorry while killing someone.

Similar is the case when we are sitting in a meeting room, discussing over a design. Sometimes despite having a better design in front of us we tend to stick to what we have proposed. And we try to prove the superiority of our proposed design over the better one. Here ego is more power full element then the perception.

We have millions of cells in our brain, working together to enable our body to judge right and wrong in various circumstances. Keeping our mind surrounded with nice and right thoughts could make our minds better decision making devices.