Today I got few old photos from Rahul. Luckily he had those pics which were taken at the NCST, New Bombay centre at Vashi, right above the Vashi railway station.

Tech-Staff @ NCST Vashi

The photo shows 90% of the Vashi tech-staff (Binoy, Jacob, Bhavana, Dharmesh, Pankaj and Ripul). Subbu and Meghna are missing.

I used to come from Powai, Ripul from Bombay central. Usually, we joined each other at Kurla while going to office in the morning. In the evening, we used to leave office at roughly 9:00 PM. This was the routine till we both shifted to Seawoods Complex.

I remember we used to eat Jacobs Dabba (lunch box) for lunch and then used to go for Pops Jumbo Vada-Pav. Sometimes other places also especially Alibaba for a Chinese treat. In the evening we used to eat at home till we shifted to Seawoods.

After shifting, the Seawoods team grew to 6 (Sasi, Joju, Pankaj, Ripul, Dharmesh, Prem) and then we decided to cook dinner ourself. Sasi and Joju and Prem also were the coach for our team and within few days we became South Indian cooking expert.

Nice days.