1. Despite have so many successful stories in the bag we Agni III failed to hit the target. It was designed to hit a target at 3000 KM (aprox 1900 miles).

  2. Insat 4C failed at launch. We have launched 7 similar satellites in past and 3-4 for other countries, this time we failed. It was carrying a payload of around 2 tones. Although some news mags are saying it blasted but ISRO is saying that it was designed to blast if it deviates from its tragectory by more than 10 degrees. So when it deviated, destruct command was sent to the main computer.

  3. Yesterday, 7 serial bombs blew the trains on Mumbai Western Line, killing almost 200 people and injured around 500 others. This is the worst blast after 1993 blasts. 1993 blasts killed around 250 people.

But yes these things cannot break us. There are many success stories to cherish. We’ll overcome all this and emerge with a new strength.