As I couldn’t go to Pittsburg with Binoy, I planned to go to Downtown Chicago with Amar last weekend. When approaching I saw like huge mountain of cement in front of me. All huge buildings in same place. Ones I thought what would happen if some building falls of other. It might trigger a cascading. I wish they do not fall.

The main motive behind visiting downtown was the Sears tower. It is one of the highest buildings in the world. Taipei 101 has the highest floor but its antena has less hight then Sears Tower’s and Petronas Tower has highest antena but its highest floor has less hight then Sears Tower’s. So both record, the highest antena and the highest floor, are not with Sears Tower now but still it is a great man made structures.

Here is the shot I took from bottom of the great structure.

Sears Tower

This is a shot taken from the top of the world. Thank God it was a clear day. I could see everything till far.

Flyover - a view from Sears Tower