me: born and brought up in Khetri Nagar friend: born and brought up in Ganga Nagar

Kherti Nagar and Ganga Nagar are very distant places.

me: Joind CTAE, Udaipur for BE Electrical friend: Joind CTAE, Udaipur for BE Agriculture

me and he became friend. Good friend. and left college in 2000.

me: Joined NCST friend: Joind IIT, Kharagpur for MTech.

me: Came to delhi friend: Joind some govt. agricultural research institute in Almora (Nice place for tourists)

me: Went shopping to Nehru place on Saturday. And saw that friend. But could recognize properly. Then I followed him for some time so that I can identify him by his voice. He looked at me 2-3 times. I was behind him.

friend: Said something to a shopkeeper. And the voice clicked. And I asked - Are u Sachin. friend: Abey S…le tu.

Both were very happy. His wife is working in delhi and he came here for some official work.

me: Invited him with his wife. And he came to my house on Sunday. I also invited one more friend for surprize.

We enjoyed… The full Sunday talking about our hostel and college days.