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Towards the evening, when I was leaving office for the day, an interesting social media trend came to my attention - #PakCheerleaders. I clicked on the hashtag and saw everyone abusing leaders of AAP and Congress. Some more digging and I could sense that the anger is becuase of the side that they took in Anupam Kher Pak visa row.

In many hashtagged tweets I saw a screenshot of an AAP leader’s tweet. Without any proof, she pushed lies into social media. That Anupam Kher didn’t even apply for Pak Visa.

Alka Lamba Lies

Some journalists prefered mocking at Anupam Kher instead of slamming Pakistan. How cheap! Such people are the reason why credibility of media is absolute zero today.

Rana Ayyub Mocks

Saba Naqvi Mocks

Without any clue of what has actually happened, Nandita Das supported Pak’s decision of not granting Visa to Anupam Kher. This is so funny and sad at the same time. She has to oppose Anupam Kher, so she will support Pakistan. Imagine there is a war going on, and Mr. Modi is our Prime Minister. Who will she support?

Nandita Das wishes...

All of them must be red faced — I wish I could see their faces — after looking at what the Pak High Commissioner has said,

Pak High Commission Regrets

Anyway, all is well if it ends well. Anupam Kher’s closing tweet on this issue.

This was his closing. #PakCheerleaders started from this point onwards.

Colours of Web

Hue-Saturation-Luminosity (HSL); and not just Red-Green-Blue (RGB).

HSL is about how we think of colours. You might have observed in some of the modern CSS files that the colours are now specified as hsl(hue, saturation, luminosity) instead of rgb(red, green, blue). I was going through various colour guides and have come up this with this summary.


Hue is the actual selection of colour that we want. The other two values has nothing to do with the shade selection. On a dial from 0° to 360° the colour varies from red, violet to red again i.e. the rainbow colours.

Yellow at 60°

I use YUI Colur Picker to decide the colours on my pages and screens. You may use any other, lots of them on GitHub.

Blue at 240°

At 60° hue it is yellow and 240° blue. Once you have zeroed in on which shade you want move on to the next parameter i.e. saturation.


I think of saturation in term of colour’s age. A blue, or for the context any coloured, object getting older and older will fade in colour and ultimately turn grey.

Yellow at 0% saturation

Blue at 0% saturation

It doesn’t matter which colour is selected (hue). When the saturation is 0% it will look grey. And when the saturation is 100% the colour has full intensity; like a brand new object.


Have you ever entered in a darkroom, where no light can enter. Not very long ago, photographers used to process the photos in a darkroom. In a darkroom, in absence of light all colours look same — black.

Remember the analog brightness control in colour televisions. If you turn the knob full clockwise everything turns white.

Blue at 0% luminosity

Blue at 100% luminosity

I think of luminosity in the same way i.e. how much white light is falling on the object. It does not matter what hue you have selected or what saturation you have set the object will look black when luminosity is 0% i.e. no light and it will look white when it is 100% i.e. full bright.

I find this analogy easier because thinking in terms of red-green-blue is not very natural. We don’t know exactly what combination red, green and blue to use to produce a certain colour. But our mind can comprehend colour, intensity and brightness much easily.

I hope you enjoyed; so next time use hsl() in your CSS.

Documents Required for Registration of Marriage in Delhi

I am going to apply for marriage certificate now, after almost 10 years of marriage. I’ll share how is my experience of this process. But I thought I’ll share the list of documents that are required for the registration. Preparing these document beforehand might help you speed up the process. I have copied this list from Delhi Government Website.

The documents and other requirement at the time of Marriage Registration are as under:

  1. Residence proof. (Election I Card) One Attested Photocopy along with original.
  2. Date of Birth Proofs of both parties (10th Class Certificate / Date of Birth certificate). One attested copies each along with original.
  3. Separate affidavit from Husband and Wife giving details of
  4. Date & Place of Marriage.
  5. Date of birth.
  6. Marital Status at the time of marriage.
  7. Affirmation that parties are not related to each other within the prohibited degree of relationship as per Hindu Marriage Act.
  8. Citizenship.
  9. Two Passport Size Photograph of Husband & Two Passport Size Photograph of Wife and ONE Photo of Marriage. All should be attested by Gazetted Officer.
  10. Marriage Invitation Card, if available.
  11. Original copy of divorce decree/order in case of a divorcee and death certificate of spouse in case of widow/widower
  12. In case one of the parties belong to other than Hindu, Budhist, Jain and Sikh religions, a conversion certificate from the priest who solemnized the marriage(in case of Hindu Marriage Act).
  13. In case of one of the applicant is a foreign national, a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE in original from the concerned Hingh Commission to be submitted along with the application form.
  14. If marriage was solemnized in a religious place, a certificate from the priest is required who solemnized the marriage.
  15. Identification Certificate a)any person having PAN of income Tax (OR) b) any officer/official of Central or State govt. or UT Administration or PSU/Autonomous bodies whose identity can be established.

NOTE : The Present Address of Husband OR Wife must be within the jurisdiction of District IN Which You Are Applying.

Spirit of Mumbai

What spirit?

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The Grand Weightloss Party

About a month ago we all (Abhilash, Dinesh and Me) started going to the company gymnasium with different motives. Despite having good looks, Abhilash had a misunderstanding that he doesn’t look good. And to rectify that he started regular workout everyday. Me want to build some muscle now. I know it is late. But it is never late you know. Dinesh has a deep back and want to fill that with muscles.

Many things happen on our way to wisdom. Dinesh separated from as he joined Sequence Design. But Abhilash’s achievement was surprising. He lost 10 Kg in a month. Check his full advice at Abhilash’s Blog. And we need no more reasons to celebrate. We started asking for a party when he lost 9.5 Kg. He promised to throw a party when he complete a 10 Kg loss. We said ok.

Although Abhilash tried hard to keep his weight loss below 10 Kg but yesterday he was 11.5 Kg less then from where he started. We reminded him of his promise. Ripul insisted on a dinner party. But we couldn’t decide. After sometime Abhilash leaked the secret of Dal-Bati. And Ripul again insisted on a dinner party with Dal-Bati in the course. Abhilash agreed.

All of us left office at 5:00 PM. Abhilash went home to help Uma prepare a nice treat for all of us and we (Ripul and me) headed towards my home to pick Sarita and Naini. Then picked up Preeti from her office and reached Kendriya Vihar, Sector 50, NOIDA at Abhilash’s residence for a mouth watering supper. Rahul was busy in some teleconference so could not attend the party.

All had more than twice our usual capacity. The meal was so tasty that we couldn’t resist taking more and more and more…seriously. Now I know the secret behind Abhilash’s weight gain. Abhilash resisted too much but couldn’t help much. He also ate twice then his usual diet. Then we had sweets also. Over all a very well hosted treat.

Thanks Abhilash and Uma for the best hospitality. But Abhilash, now you should start eating full diet, leaving your specialized low calorie meal. Now you look super cool.