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JNU row: Congress seeks to channel student anger in its favour

My line by line commentary on this news article of The Hindu —>

Let us first watch this uncut 7 minute video of JNU, Curtsey: Times Now. At some places Times Now has put “Inaudible” (subtitle) but listen carefully, you will make out.

With the Jawaharlal Nehru University row turning into a national debate, the Congress is figuring out how to sustain its campaign against the BJP government over a series of issues that concern the country’s student community.

No surprise that Congress is trying to utilize the anger of Communists against India for its own favour. This is politics of lowest level in the history of Independent India. A political party that claim to be the original Congress who fought for India’s struggle for freedom, is now supporting students demanding separation of not only Kashmir but also Kerala and West Bengal. We all know that even Indira Gandhi was not allowed to speak at JNU. This clearly shows that something is cooking up between Left & Congress. Get hold of power by hook or crook.

Soon after returning from the JNU campus on Saturday evening, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi called an emergency meeting at his residence, where he discussed ways to “tie up” every compelling issue the students are facing in India today and place them in its anti-BJP narrative.

It would be good if they focus on real issues the students are facing. But I am sorry to say, by standing with the separatist ideology of Left, it will be loosing more power. Congress Mukt Bharat Soon. How can Congress support Bharat Ki Barbaadi, Kashmir Ki Azaadi, Keral Ki Azaadi, Begal Ki Azaadi?

A senior Congress leader privy to the meeting said that Mr. Gandhi was of the opinion that the issues — ranging from the ongoing unrest at JNU to the suicide of the Dalit research scholar Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad University, to the budget cuts affecting a big section of scholars — are sufficient enough to mobilise students nationwide and place them as a deterrent against the zealous cadre of the BJP and the RSS.

Again I am not surprised that even after Rohit Vemula’s father’s statement that they are not Dalit, the national news agency The Hindu is still using this term “Dalit” for Rohit Vemula, simply to divide people of India on caste lines. Whose agenda they are carrying?

Budget cuts of universities is issue only if the functioning of institution is affected, scholarship is affected, salaries are affected. If none of this has happened then we should actually praise the government for doing commendable job of achieving same results with less money.

On one hand Congress is looking at encashing on the demands of seditious students, why cannot they see the demands of students on the other side. Just because they are in minority in JNU.

Senior party leader Anand Sharma told The Hindu that in the upcoming Parliament session, the party would strongly raise the JNU issue and also “surprise” the BJP with its attack. “We are working out the formulation as to how these issues can be raised in an effective manner,” said Mr. Sharma.

Go ahead Mr. Anand Sharma, you do it in the Parliament. We’ll do it on the streets.

“It’s unfortunate that the communal venom injected by the BJP has breached the walls of our universities but it’s good to see a lot of people coming out against these divisive plots. We (Congress) know that we have a long battle to fight and we will fight it hard.”

Did he say “Communal” again? Opposing slogans like Bharat Ki Barbaadi, Kashmir Ki Azaadi, Keral Ki Azaadi, Begal Ki Azaadi is communal, as per him. Wah! This statement of Mr. Anand Sharma itself is seditious, secessionist. He is encouraging those goons.

Shakeel Ahmed, Congress general secretary in-charge for Punjab, said that the party understood the significance of speaking up for the “voiceless” student community.

O Hello. Mr. Shakeel, ABVP is in minority at JNU. Be clear about who is “voiceless”. Before making any move, at least once, once you must listen to what those so called “voiceless” people (as per you) are shouting openly in JNU campus.

“We know that the BJP is feeling frustrated because the ABVP lost the student body elections in JNU,” Mr. Ahmed said.

The struggle was long, I know. From one student in 1984 to a sizeable chunk now — don’t forget that ABVP had won also in 2001 —, I know who is at unrest now. Same is the case in Lok Sabha. From 2 seats in 1980s to ~300 now. I have stated numbers because you have raised this topic. Our fight is never about numbers. When there are enough number of patriots in the country we’ll not worry about numbers anymore. You will automatically fall in line.

“We would certainly oppose the BJP’s strategy of involving the police to win the future elections.”

An arrogant ideology always thinks this way. Remember who used police power to crack down on peacefully protesting people in Ramleela Maida. Remember Emergency of 1977, Remember 1984 riots. You know only one language, the language of arrogance.

Do you want that police should not take any action against the students who are indulging in instigating seditious and secessionist ideology?

Since advocating for the students who are facing sedition charges can backfire, Mr. Ahmed said that Mr. Gandhi was aware about the political risks the JNU row poses.

Now I don’t understand this. He understands the risk but he will still support them. Wah! Politics of keeping people confused about your real motive i.e. power, just political power. Nothing else matters to you.

“He will fight for them from the front,” he said, adding that the high command had briefed all the units to visit colleges and universities and find out if liberal spaces were being taken over by the “forces affiliated to the BJP.”

Here is a beautiful video someone shared with me, do watch —

A short Clip, What Happen to JNU & How our Vote Bank Hungry Congress Politicians react on it & play with national security. #ShutDownJNU #CongressSupportAntiNational #LetsUniteAgainstAntiNationals #RahulGandhi

Posted by Shiva Jangid on Tuesday, February 16, 2016