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Happy Birthday Maheish Girri Ji

In 2014, although I have worked tirelessly to make Sh. Narendra Modi our Prime Minister, but honestly I had no idea about the fate of East Delhi i.e. my Parliamentary Consituency. I just blindly voted Maheish Ji. Congress was definitely ruled out; with so much of rampant corruption, how can one approve of them again. Aam Aadmi Party, we all know what it is? I betted on Sh. Narendra Modi, and I am glad I did that. Thank you Modi Ji for giving us a gem — Maheish Girri Ji.

Let me summarize Maheish Ji from my perspective.

He is a great mix of a Saint, and a Cool Guy. I can spend hours listening to him. It fills me with lots of energy. I get motivation to do something for the society, to do something extraordinary. His friendly and cheerful mood, even at the last hour of the day, makes me wonder — “What you are made up of Maheish Ji”.

Me & Maheish Girri Ji

Always busy with people of consituency, to solve one or the other problem. This above pic makes me feel happy and guilty as well. Taking people’s time to satisfy ourself with a pic, it is a crime, I must admit. Moreso when you have an MP who doesn’t waste a single minute of his time.

JJ Camp, Karkardooma gets Electricity, Water

You all will wonder what this above pic is about. An area in National Capital i.e. New Delhi didn’t have electricity and water till now, yes in year 2016. It is a collective shame for us. On 6th of February, 2016, people of JJ Camp, Karkardooma came to thank Maheish Ji for his efforts to bring electricity and water in the area. Now the area has 24x7 electricity.

Maheish Ji believes in institutionalizing things. I request everyone to visit Maheish Ji’s office at least once. I request other MPs as well. This is a model which must be adopted by every constituency.

330 C Block, Vivek Vihar, New Delhi

Anyone is allowed to enter this office. A register at gate maintains a log. If a citizen comes with a problem then his/her request is typed/digitized with the help of office staff. Every request is tracked to completion. The complainent is informed after completion. And not only that. A independent feedback call is also made to ensure that the citizen is satisfied with the resolution. That is how an MP Office should work like.

Maheish Ji, I wish you a very happy birthday. I may be the last one. But I just wanted to write a longer wish.