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Increasing Minimum Wage By 50% Isn't Going To Work

On 15th of August (2016), Mr. Arvind Kejriwal proposed to increase the minimum wage for the unskilled workers by 50%. I am curious why not increase by 100%, why not by 200% or for that matter why not by 500% and make everybody rich. There will be no poverty as per the socialist logic.

Some will argue that I am foolish to propose a 500% increment. Yes I am, if I do so and so is Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

Before I explain further, go and read why AAP trader wing is unhappy with Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s proposal and has threatened to go on strike — AAP trade wing threatens strike against minimum wage hike. From this article,

The AAP government’s decision to hike minimum wages by 50 per cent has not gone down well with the party’s trade wing which on Wednesday threatened to call a strike claiming the step will lead to lay-offs and affect business.

Terming the decision as “unjustified”, the outfit said it will raise the issue with Lt Governor Najeeb Jung.

Following a meeting with trade associations, Brijesh Goyal, the convenor of the body, said the upward revision in wages will not only lead to “laying off” of workers but also result in complete industrial and trade “shutdown” in the national capital.

The funniest part of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s Independence Day speech was that he had also asked PM Narendra Modi to emulate him and increase minimum wage by 50%. Did Mr. Kejriwal give a thought to the concerns of traders? From where this additional money will come? I could think of only four ways in which traders can compensate for this additional load.

  1. no compensation, just accept the reduced profit (trader unhappy)
  2. pass on the cost to their customers (inflation, consumer unhappy)
  3. work more i.e. sell more to have same profit (trader unhappy)
  4. reduce workers and ask them to work more (unemployment, workers unhappy)

There are three parties — workers, traders (business owners) and consumers. There is no way we can make all the three parties happy. At least I am not aware of such a way in a socialist scheme.

Such rapid changes will hurt economy because if the traders are unhappy, no new investment will come to the state, unemployment will increase and this will also add to the inflation. Everything is connect. But then Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is fond of illogical rapid changes.

There are also many advantages of rapid movement. One is that we get to learn quickly, but only if we want to. I appreciate Arvind Kejriwal’s out of the box decisions, but at the same time it is funny that he never learns. He brought the even-odd formula, he decided on Junta Durbar, he forced Uber Olacabs to comply standard govt tariffs, and now 50% hike in minimum wage.

Odd-Even was a massive gainer for auto rickshaw pullers. The main vote bank of Aam Aadmi Party. It was a huge success from AAP perspective. The then Transport Minister also made money in this. Later he resigned on corruption charges. Although the Delhi govt hasn’t set up any panel for investigation. Facing corruption charges, Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai quits citing health reasons. God knows how much he has looted.

Junta Durbar—many other leaders have been successfully doing it—is also a great idea. It is although a different matter that he had to run for life when there was chaos. But again it is a success from AAP perspective. They promised it in manifesto and on papers they did it. Tick that off list.

Forcing Uber Ola to comply standard tariffs is considered great from socialist angle. But it brought criticism from all quarters. Why? People were initially happy but within a day they realised that the number of available cabs have reduced. Resulting into long waiting hours.

This is pure economics. But all of this is good only if we want to learn.

JNU row: Congress seeks to channel student anger in its favour

My line by line commentary on this news article of The Hindu —>

Let us first watch this uncut 7 minute video of JNU, Curtsey: Times Now. At some places Times Now has put “Inaudible” (subtitle) but listen carefully, you will make out.

With the Jawaharlal Nehru University row turning into a national debate, the Congress is figuring out how to sustain its campaign against the BJP government over a series of issues that concern the country’s student community.

No surprise that Congress is trying to utilize the anger of Communists against India for its own favour. This is politics of lowest level in the history of Independent India. A political party that claim to be the original Congress who fought for India’s struggle for freedom, is now supporting students demanding separation of not only Kashmir but also Kerala and West Bengal. We all know that even Indira Gandhi was not allowed to speak at JNU. This clearly shows that something is cooking up between Left & Congress. Get hold of power by hook or crook.

Soon after returning from the JNU campus on Saturday evening, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi called an emergency meeting at his residence, where he discussed ways to “tie up” every compelling issue the students are facing in India today and place them in its anti-BJP narrative.

It would be good if they focus on real issues the students are facing. But I am sorry to say, by standing with the separatist ideology of Left, it will be loosing more power. Congress Mukt Bharat Soon. How can Congress support Bharat Ki Barbaadi, Kashmir Ki Azaadi, Keral Ki Azaadi, Begal Ki Azaadi?

A senior Congress leader privy to the meeting said that Mr. Gandhi was of the opinion that the issues — ranging from the ongoing unrest at JNU to the suicide of the Dalit research scholar Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad University, to the budget cuts affecting a big section of scholars — are sufficient enough to mobilise students nationwide and place them as a deterrent against the zealous cadre of the BJP and the RSS.

Again I am not surprised that even after Rohit Vemula’s father’s statement that they are not Dalit, the national news agency The Hindu is still using this term “Dalit” for Rohit Vemula, simply to divide people of India on caste lines. Whose agenda they are carrying?

Budget cuts of universities is issue only if the functioning of institution is affected, scholarship is affected, salaries are affected. If none of this has happened then we should actually praise the government for doing commendable job of achieving same results with less money.

On one hand Congress is looking at encashing on the demands of seditious students, why cannot they see the demands of students on the other side. Just because they are in minority in JNU.

Senior party leader Anand Sharma told The Hindu that in the upcoming Parliament session, the party would strongly raise the JNU issue and also “surprise” the BJP with its attack. “We are working out the formulation as to how these issues can be raised in an effective manner,” said Mr. Sharma.

Go ahead Mr. Anand Sharma, you do it in the Parliament. We’ll do it on the streets.

“It’s unfortunate that the communal venom injected by the BJP has breached the walls of our universities but it’s good to see a lot of people coming out against these divisive plots. We (Congress) know that we have a long battle to fight and we will fight it hard.”

Did he say “Communal” again? Opposing slogans like Bharat Ki Barbaadi, Kashmir Ki Azaadi, Keral Ki Azaadi, Begal Ki Azaadi is communal, as per him. Wah! This statement of Mr. Anand Sharma itself is seditious, secessionist. He is encouraging those goons.

Shakeel Ahmed, Congress general secretary in-charge for Punjab, said that the party understood the significance of speaking up for the “voiceless” student community.

O Hello. Mr. Shakeel, ABVP is in minority at JNU. Be clear about who is “voiceless”. Before making any move, at least once, once you must listen to what those so called “voiceless” people (as per you) are shouting openly in JNU campus.

“We know that the BJP is feeling frustrated because the ABVP lost the student body elections in JNU,” Mr. Ahmed said.

The struggle was long, I know. From one student in 1984 to a sizeable chunk now — don’t forget that ABVP had won also in 2001 —, I know who is at unrest now. Same is the case in Lok Sabha. From 2 seats in 1980s to ~300 now. I have stated numbers because you have raised this topic. Our fight is never about numbers. When there are enough number of patriots in the country we’ll not worry about numbers anymore. You will automatically fall in line.

“We would certainly oppose the BJP’s strategy of involving the police to win the future elections.”

An arrogant ideology always thinks this way. Remember who used police power to crack down on peacefully protesting people in Ramleela Maida. Remember Emergency of 1977, Remember 1984 riots. You know only one language, the language of arrogance.

Do you want that police should not take any action against the students who are indulging in instigating seditious and secessionist ideology?

Since advocating for the students who are facing sedition charges can backfire, Mr. Ahmed said that Mr. Gandhi was aware about the political risks the JNU row poses.

Now I don’t understand this. He understands the risk but he will still support them. Wah! Politics of keeping people confused about your real motive i.e. power, just political power. Nothing else matters to you.

“He will fight for them from the front,” he said, adding that the high command had briefed all the units to visit colleges and universities and find out if liberal spaces were being taken over by the “forces affiliated to the BJP.”

Here is a beautiful video someone shared with me, do watch —

A short Clip, What Happen to JNU & How our Vote Bank Hungry Congress Politicians react on it & play with national security. #ShutDownJNU #CongressSupportAntiNational #LetsUniteAgainstAntiNationals #RahulGandhi

Posted by Shiva Jangid on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Maheish Girri Ji

In 2014, although I have worked tirelessly to make Sh. Narendra Modi our Prime Minister, but honestly I had no idea about the fate of East Delhi i.e. my Parliamentary Consituency. I just blindly voted Maheish Ji. Congress was definitely ruled out; with so much of rampant corruption, how can one approve of them again. Aam Aadmi Party, we all know what it is? I betted on Sh. Narendra Modi, and I am glad I did that. Thank you Modi Ji for giving us a gem — Maheish Girri Ji.

Let me summarize Maheish Ji from my perspective.

He is a great mix of a Saint, and a Cool Guy. I can spend hours listening to him. It fills me with lots of energy. I get motivation to do something for the society, to do something extraordinary. His friendly and cheerful mood, even at the last hour of the day, makes me wonder — “What you are made up of Maheish Ji”.

Me & Maheish Girri Ji

Always busy with people of consituency, to solve one or the other problem. This above pic makes me feel happy and guilty as well. Taking people’s time to satisfy ourself with a pic, it is a crime, I must admit. Moreso when you have an MP who doesn’t waste a single minute of his time.

JJ Camp, Karkardooma gets Electricity, Water

You all will wonder what this above pic is about. An area in National Capital i.e. New Delhi didn’t have electricity and water till now, yes in year 2016. It is a collective shame for us. On 6th of February, 2016, people of JJ Camp, Karkardooma came to thank Maheish Ji for his efforts to bring electricity and water in the area. Now the area has 24x7 electricity.

Maheish Ji believes in institutionalizing things. I request everyone to visit Maheish Ji’s office at least once. I request other MPs as well. This is a model which must be adopted by every constituency.

330 C Block, Vivek Vihar, New Delhi

Anyone is allowed to enter this office. A register at gate maintains a log. If a citizen comes with a problem then his/her request is typed/digitized with the help of office staff. Every request is tracked to completion. The complainent is informed after completion. And not only that. A independent feedback call is also made to ensure that the citizen is satisfied with the resolution. That is how an MP Office should work like.

Maheish Ji, I wish you a very happy birthday. I may be the last one. But I just wanted to write a longer wish.

Karamchand and Byomkesh Bakshi were the Best Detectives

Jab mein chhota bachcha tha (When I was a kid), Karamchand used to be my favorite serial. I am 77 born, so I was about 10-12 years old at that time. Oh! what fun it was watching Karamchand and his secretary, Kitty.

Every detective serial has a typical approach. The potential culprits always turn out to be innocent in the end. It was like C.I.D. (TV Series) of today. Karamchand had just a two member team. Oh! how can I forget Gajar (Carrot). It was like part of the group. Karamchand always use to keep one in pocket. “Gajar Khaoge”, he always offered one to Kitty, and she always shyly smiled. I don’t remember her taking a Gajar bite.

Gajar Khaoge

Pankaj Kapoor was wonderful in Karamchand’s appearance. A Sushmita Mukherjee was great too. I don’t remember any other character from the show.

After 5-6 years of Karamchand, another great series caught people’s attention — Byomkesh Bakshi. It was awesome. It had science fiction too. Just imagine, some of the stories were written in 1930s. Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, the great author, could think of so many innovative story ideas back than.

I was in my 9th or 10th standard that time. The time when we read a lot of physics, chemistry etc., especially in India, to get into engineering colleges. May be that is the reason I liked the Sci-Fi part of it. I remember, in one of the episodes, the weapon used was a gramophone pin fitted in a bicycle bell. The bell worked like a mini gun, and it was used to kill people. Just imagine. It was fascinating for me at that age. Here is the schematic diagram of the gun; found it on the internet.

Gramophone Pin Gun

Byomkesh Bakshi was very different from other detective stories. He wasn’t like a hero, but was like a normal middle class person. He had friends, a family.

K. K. Raina as Ajit

Sukanya Kulkarni as Satyawati

He discussed cases with his friend Ajit and with his wife Satyavati. It was all so different. Rajit Kapoor — what a co-incidence, another Kapoor detective — played so brilliantly in Byomkesh’s role. K. K. Raina & Sukanya Kulkarni were too good as Ajit and Satyavati respectively. Sharadindu Da, #Salute to you.

Honestly, most other detective serials are just a timepass when compared to Karamchand and Byomkesh Bakshi. We have so many fond memories of watching TV. I wish our kids also get something to cherish for in their 40s.

Why #IStandWithTajinderBagga?

I met Tajinder Bagga in 2013 for the first time. Not a single day has passed since then, that he haven’t talked to me on an issue of national interest. Even on days when he was being dragged into false allegations by opposition parties, he didn’t care. The only thing he has in mind is Bharat. A patriot. A big fan of Narendra Modi.

Several attempts have been made to malign his image. Everyone is aware of the false cases that are going on. Latest, by a lady in Bangalore. Probably she is being used by the opposition party. A month ago, she attempted to do character assassination of Bagga on Twitter. She tried tooth and nail but failed. She tried to get support from other nationalists, but those who know Bagga have full faith in him.

Her latest weapon, the SC/ST attrocites option from the law book. It is so laughable. Till the time she filed a complaint, Bagga never knew that she belongs to SC or could be ST, we still do not bother to find it out. We never work like this. In fact, many of us don’t know castes of each other in the group. Why should castes matter in a national cause. We are united by a cause, and will continue to move forward like this.

A friend has summarized the story on Facebook,

Karantaka Police is out in Delhi to arrest my friend Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga for a Dalit-Atrocity case filed by a woman...

Posted by Mahajan Sonam on Friday, February 5, 2016

Thank you Dinesh Bhaiya for the encouraging words when it is most needed. Sure, these attempts will make us stronger.

Now coming to the law. SC/ST attrocities law has been so badly misused in politics that it has harmed the community more than helping them. False case make the community more prone to abuses. Well, many political parties have benefitted from this. The more we are divided, the more it will help them. The Colonial Britishers had been doing it, Congress is doing it since Independence.

It is time that we stand together, because united we stand, divided we fall. I stand with Tajinder Bagga.